Saturday, Daddyday: Get it done with fun day

Ken is far more productive and efficient than I am. He has a knack for enabling us to get a lot in without feeling rushed. Yesterday was shining example of these full, yet relaxing days!

The children and I did abbreviated school in the morning as I tackled a few loads of laundry.

When Ken returned from his morning errands, we took a picnic lunch to the park for duck feeding and playground frolics. I expected Keegan to be either fascinated or intimidated by the ducks. Instead he was entirely disinterested–even when they waddled within inches of  where he sat. The playground pea gravel, on the other hand, captured his interest immediately!

Back home again we took time for refreshments indoors while Ken prepared a slide with a pond water sample (collected while feeding the ducks). The oldest two girls were able to see a few moving organisms! I don’t think two year old Keianna saw much of anything, but she did peer down the eyepiece and say, “I see light-dark!”

We spent a few hours weeding the garden plot, then came in to bake a triple batch of  blueberry honey muffins, six loaves of bread, and dinner!

After bathing the wee folk (who had gotten quite grubby playing at the park and helping with yard work), Ken read aloud about King Tut’s mummy.

With the children tucked in, we “old folk” enjoyed a romantic stroll to the mailbox (at the end of our long unpaved road) then collapsed to enjoy a movie together.

Before bed Kendra said, “This was a goooood day!” Indeed it was.


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