Keegan’s commentary on dirt and ducks

(Alluded to in the previous entry.)


5 thoughts on “Keegan’s commentary on dirt and ducks

  1. Perhaps he’s already decided to become a geologist instead of a zoologist! Cute pics, you need to share more often all of your children are adorable!

  2. Aren’t boys just some of the greatest things around? I have two of them and they couldn’t be more different AND more alike at the same time. They entered boyhood at completely different ages and stages. . .and it was both at the same time. My oldest was very laid back. Then his brother started to discover “boy” things and that was it. Two boys that love to wrestle and make boy noises (car noises to be exact – gross boy noises at allowed. hehehe!!) And it just couldn’t get any better than that. 🙂

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