With Firm Hand and Tender Heart

Arriving at church this Father's Day, we were greeted by the sight of Pastor and Mr. Levi (both near their 80's) up on a small ladder inspecting something under the eaves. A bird was caught in a space between boards–its attempts to free itself doing more harm than good.


Firmly but tenderly, Mr. Levi freed its leg from the crevice, then decended the ladder with the little creature cupped in his hands. One delicate leg was injured; perhaps even broken from the struggle, but the bird appeared strong enough to survive!


The children each took a turn, tentatively caressing the bird's downy body.  Finally Mr. Levi freed it to hop, flutter, and ultimately fly–away.


Much as a father––with firm hand and tender heart––saves his children from life’s predicaments, this little bird was dependant on some uncomfortable interference before he could be freed from the mess in which he’d become entangled.


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