PrairieFrogs on the Porch!

Wow!  What a suprise to find my own little froggieblog as the blog of the week on HomeSchoolBlogger's Front Porch!


Thank you to the Homeschool Blogger team, and to Tia the Sagerat for saying such wonderful things and making us PrairieFrogs sound so cool! 


15 thoughts on “PrairieFrogs on the Porch!

  1. HI
    I came over as a result of seeing your award on the Company Front Porch. It is well deserved. And you have almost reached your Daily Habits goal! Way to go, girl! I can relate to that so well! I also stay up way too late ( 1:00 AM or later!) and still get up fairly eary ( 7ish) so I know I am not getting the rest I need. And I tend to nibble during the day instead of eat properly… and exercise! I bought lap swim passes for my 12-yr-old daughter and I at the town pool this summer, and we have gone twice this week, and I am sore. The trick will be to find something to do after the summer is over.;-)

  2. on featured blogger! I can’t think of a better person who deserves it.

    Have a great weekend,
    Amy Beth

  3. Hi! I have been enjoying your blog since seeing it on the Company Porch. Your roses are LOVELY! The stromboli looks very delicious – I may just have to try my hand at that, and the Soduko boards look like something my kiddos would really like. Thanks for sharing your neat ideas!


  4. Congratulations! I always enjoy your blog!! I assumed you’d already been a “featured” blogger. Keep up the great posts!

  5. I just found your blog from the front porch. I have enjoyed reading your entries. Congratulations…

  6. Your blog is wonderful, I’ve bookmarked it for easy reference.

    I’d love to find out how you get all the lists on the right margin. Is there a link to instructions somewhere?

  7. You deserve to be the featured blogger of the week. I so enjoy your blogs. I always feel welcomed and confortable when reading your thoughts. They also are so glorifying to the Lord. Keep it up.

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