Beauty in miniature

This diminutive tea cup (about the size of a thimble) makes a charming vase for my miniature roses. My little garden plot needs tending, but my rose bushes, even rather neglected as they are, are blooming bravely!




<a href=””><img src=”;8;4/c/20/t/21/u/Days/m/Days+to+a+habit/k/13a0/exercise.png&#8221; border=0>


10 thoughts on “Beauty in miniature

  1. You are the Featured Blog this week! Click here to read the entry! You have a beautiful blog. I so enjoyed looking through your pictures and reading your family stories and insights.

    Thanks for blogging with us at HSB!
    Nancy Carter
    Senior Editor of HSB

  2. Wow! What an absolutely beautiful photo. Two of my favorite things…teacups and flowers. Thank you for sharing.



  3. Those roses are beautiful! Unlike the ones that are sadly dying in my yard.

    Congratulations on being blogger of the week!!

  4. Just beautiful, Dell! Lovely picture.

    Congratulations on being HSB’s Blogger of the Week!


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