Do you Sudoku?

I'm slow to catch on to trends, but everyone and their mother (even my own mother) seem to be taking up the game.


Lest I blow a fuse in my sluggish brain, I sought out the easiest collection of these puzzles I could find. A book by Will Shortz called Simple Sudoku proved true to its name.


Perhaps the children would enjoy the puzzles too?  After working a few I realized that the the mechanics of writing and erasing the numbers would bog down my wee folk, who would otherwise enjoy it. 


A few weeks ago I was drooling through Timberdoodle catalog, and saw they offered something designed just for us! (Or it seemed that way at least)  Sudoku Boards–a manipulative version of the puzzle.


Using the colored markers in lieu of numbers, I taught Kendra the game first.  (With Big Sister Kaira in the lead, she doesn't have as many opportunities to forge new ground.)  Kendra loved the challenge, and caught on quickly.


Kaira was eyeing the game eagerly, and soon got her turn–using the wooden number tiles.


Below: My girls engrossed in “DoKu”. 




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11 thoughts on “Do you Sudoku?

  1. I must live in a hole…I’ve never heard of or seen anything like this…not sure I really understand it either…hmmmmm

    Looks like your daughters are enjoying it though!

  2. My husband and I love sudoku, I’m AWFUL at it, takes forever for even the easiest ones, but he’s very good at it. So I pick him up books now and then at checkouts at Walmart etc…. But those kids ones look great. 😉

  3. Sarah did these all the way to Williamsburg and back. I love those manipulative based sets for my other girls. I’m off to find my T-doodle catalog!!!

  4. They are so fun. I started with the EASY… now I can do some of the harder ones. It is weird how you brain changes the way it works when you are doing them. KWIM? I’m just proud that I can pronounce it now! (S – long U – D – long O – K – long U) LOL I even have a little electronic one I keep in my purse. I found some at Walmart designed for kids (or beginners) They have 2 X 2 squares (my 7 yo can work them fairly well.) And the 3 X 2 squares (my 8 yo loves those.)

    Happy Sudokuing….
    Amy Beth

  5. Congrats on making the porch. You’ve a lovely blog and children. Your girls are especially cute in their dresses. My girls have gotten a bit too old for those dresses with yards of fabric and lace. I still fondly remember the matching Noah’s Ark ones for my girls and I to match in that my mom bought…days gone by…enjoy them!


  6. We are playing this here a lot in my home! I found about 10 different books at The Dollar Tree for, of course, $1 each! I’ve been eyeing that Timberdoodle game and it was nice to see the picture of how large they really are. We have 2 different board games, but I love the idea of manipulating the colors and my son thinks it’s math when he sees the numbers, so I was thinking of buying the Timberdoodle version – thanks for sharing!

  7. My dh has taken to calling me “The Sudoku Queen”! I love to play sudoku in the car or while waiting at the doctor’s office or in the evenings from time to time. I love the wooden games you have. I would love to buy something like that so I could teach my little ones the game! Where did you find them?

  8. Why would I ask where you got the Sudoku game when it is right in your post? Maybe because I saw the picture, but did not read the post! My goodness! How silly of me!

    I will definitely order one of these from Timberdoodle… they are 1/2 an hour from my house and I won’t even have to pay shipping and handling if they still allow people to pick up from “Will Call”… I haven’t ordered from them in a long while, but last time they allowed this option!

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