Stromboli instructions (By popular demand) ;)

Yesterday's post prombted inquiries about my stromboli recipe.  (Which isn't really made with kiwi fruit.)  I don't follow a real recipe, but here goes!


Start by making your bread dough as you would just for bread baking.  I use our standard “daily bread” recipe with fresh ground wheat, which I'd be happy to post.


Once the dough is made, I separate out one the amount I’d use for one loaf for stromboli dough.  Roll it out an oiled surface into a rounded rectangle.


Cover the rectangle with your choice of filling goodies. I vary this slightly each time, but usually use some combination of:


Italian Sausage

Bell Pepper

Chopped Scallions

Red Onion



Black olives

Fresh or dried herbs. (Yesterdays I used chives, basil and thyme and a bit of rosemary–all fresh from my herb garden)

Next, roll it into a log like a jelly roll.  Tuck each end under, finger pressing seams closed.  Here’s a link with some great photos. (I haven't read over the recipe on the web page linked… I just like the pictures.  )


Slide the stromboli onto a small, oiled cookie sheet. (If it is too long for your cookie sheet you can “scrunch” it together a bit to make it fit and leave a little rising room. My children like the “scrunching” part, as the long fat stromboli reminds them of a caterpillar.


I put the stromboli and bread dough in the oven to rise. (Oven has been warmed but then turned off). (If your bread making method is different, you can adjust the timing on the following steps accordingly.)


When the rising time has elapsed (25 minutes for my bread), take out the stromboli briefly to brush the top with a beaten egg and cut the slits in the top.


Returning the stromboli to the oven, I turn the oven up to my bread cooking temp (Again, your bread making method will vary) until bread is done, and the stromboli is golden on top. (I’ve found that to prevent it being doughy inside, the stromboli needs to bake a little longer than the bread. I often take out the bread, turn down the oven, and leave the stromboli in for another 4-10 minutes.  Watch it so it doesn't burn.)


Serve with marinara sauce for dipping! (If in a hurry, a can of tomato sauce, one can of tomato paste, some minced garlic and some basil or a mix of Italian herbs can be thrown together in a sauce pan.)


Next week on baking day, I may try a variation on the theme–a sealed French Dip: Instead of Italian fillings.  I’ll roll roast beef and cheese inside and serve au jus.


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3 thoughts on “Stromboli instructions (By popular demand) ;)

  1. Thanks for sharing…sounds delicious! Yes, if you wouldn’t mind…could you post your bread recipe? I have quite a few different whole wheat bread recipes…but it’s always nice to try another… Thank you!

    ~Jessica (

  2. I just wanted to pop in and say how much I enjoy your blog. It’s like a “come on in, have a seat at the kitchen table, and here’s a cuppa tea. Let’s chat!”. Keep on keeping your focus where it is…on the Lord, and you’ll keep blessing us readers as you write.
    Blessings and hugs,

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