Bread Recipe

My bread recipe was requested on the Stromboli post.  It was already typed out as part of our family recipe “cookbook”, so it is easy enough to share it here. 


Prairiefrog “Staff of Life Bread”

This recipe will make 6 loaves if using 8″ pans


1. Grind 12 cups wheat berries


2. Add 6 1/2 cups very warm water to Bosch


3. Add 10 heaping cups of the freshly milled flour to water, mix in on level 1


4. Add 3 T SAF yeast to mix. Let it mix for 1 min, then turn it off and cover with lid. Let it “sponge” for 10 minutes. (More of the flour will be added in step #8.) While the dough is sponging, oil bread pans, and get out other ingredients.


5. When it is done sponging, turn the mixer on for a second to punch the dough down before adding the oil and honey. (Or it will ooze out!) Measure 2/3 Cup oil (olive or canola) and 2/3 Cup honey (together the oil and honey should measure 1 1/3 cup)


6. Add 2 heaping T gluten, 2 T sea salt (regular salt is fine too), and 2 T flax seeds (optional)


8. Turn on mixer to level 1 and begin to add the rest of the flour, one cup at a time (carefully while it is mixing) until you see the sides of the bowl wipe clean. (It will not be totally clean, especially on top, but it should be pretty close.) (Usually this is about 5-6 cups of flour)


9. Turn mixer up to level 2, let kneed for 4 more minutes.


10. (At this point remove extra rack from oven to allow room for bread to rise–leave 2 racks.) Preheat oven to Warm. When it is preheated, turn the oven off.


11. Get the dough out and shape it, then put into pans, then into the oven. (Double check–oven should be warmed, but turned off. Turn on convection at this point.) Set timer for 25 minutes rising time. (Dough should rise approximately 1/2-1″ above top of pans–if it is higher, the bread can fall, so watch it the first time, and adjust time if needed.


12. Turn oven to 350 and bake for 25 minutes


13 Remove from oven and take immediately out of pans. Place loaves on a cooling rack.


3 thoughts on “Bread Recipe

  1. thank you for posting this. You make your bread a little different than I do. I think I am going to try your way just to change things up a bit. 🙂 I can never get my bread to rise high enough so putting it in preheated oven might actually help. Of course, I make Kamut bread so that might make a difference as well. Perhaps is just the very incompetent cook in the kitchen. This was never my area of expertise. LOL!!!!

    I am very impressed with your blog site. My children are about the age as your children. They are just beautiful.

    God Bless,

    Karen Tryon

  2. Your recipe says grind 12 cups of wheat berries. Will that equal 12 cups of flour once ground, or will it be more or less? I ask because we don’t have a grinder yet, so we buy our flour in bulk from a health food store. So I need to know how much actual flour to use.



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