Stromboli: Something green made with kiwi fruit

Stromboli is a good recipe for bread making day. I usually make 6 loaves of bread at once.  Invariably we eat one still hot from the oven with dinner, one goes in the breadbox for the next day, and I freeze the rest.  It is easy enough to have the loaf we eat with dinner BE dinner.


Yesterday, when I asked the girls if they would like to help me make stromboli, a perplexing conversation ensued: 

Kaira begins chanting, “Yummy, yummy green stromboli”


Me: “Um… green?”


Kaira: looking a little doubtful, “Yeah, green. You make it with kiwis.”


“Kiwi fruit? In the stromboli?”


Kaira: “That’s what makes it green.”


At this point I'm pretty sure she's thinking of something else, but baffled as to what.


Kendra, on the same wavelength her older sister, tries to help out, “We dip chips in it.”


After thinking a minuted it dawns on me, “Guacamole?”


Both girls in unison: “Oh! Guacamole!” 

Kiwi/avocado; stromboli/guacamole.


Here's our stromboli–which to my relief didn't turn out green.  (I must have forgotten the kiwis.)



<a href=””><img src=”;8;4/c/17/t/21/u/Days/m/Days+to+a+habit/k/00ea/exercise.png&#8221; border=0>


5 thoughts on “Stromboli: Something green made with kiwi fruit

  1. Isn’t it great getting a glimpse into their little minds?!

    I was getting ready to make some french bread … but if you wanna share your recipe … (hint, hint, hint) …


  2. Oh, yes please! And then maybe once I’m all organized and together and making bread again we can have it on bread-making day.

    My 2yo loves to say guacamole, although not quite as much as she likes to eat it!

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