The bunny made me do it.

Of my 3 goals (see previous post): Daily exercise, remembering to eat meals when Ken isn't here, and going to BED at a decent hour; bedtime is the hardest it seems. It is the one that cost me both “penalties”.


Last night was the 2nd time in the past 3 weeks that I didn't make my daily goals.  I was all set to go to bed around 10:00, half an hour before my ultimate bedtime, but JUST before turning off the computer, I remembered I'd wanted to check out a link for free Jan Brett drawing lessons.


So I found myself drawing a bunny instead of going to bed… I STILL could have made it, but was apparently in dawdle mode. 


I turned off the computer, noticed a bunch of books on Ancient Egypt I still needed to preview before we get into Egypt next week in History, so… 10:30 comes and goes… since I was still up anyway I threw in a load of laundry, brewed some tea and read The Golden Goblet (A Newberry Award book set in Ancient Egypt).


I'm bad about this sabotaging… Seems the more desperately I need the sleep the less likely I am to discipline myself to get it. Ken's working all weekend, not just regular night shifts, but 12 hour ones. I have sun-up to sun-down duties, and needed to sleep, so what do I do?  Draw bunnies, of course.  I'm really hopelessly irresponsible about sleep and such.


But that's why I'm doing this… to establish better habits.  The end was in sight; today would have been day 19 of 21. Obviously I need a little more practice, so I'll go back to day 15.


I drew a cute bunny though…


(Hat tip to Kate Kessler at TOS Online Lab for the Jan Brett link.)


7 thoughts on “The bunny made me do it.

  1. Do you ever get to the point where you are too tired to go to sleep though? My problem is that it takes me sooooo long to fall asleep. Many times if I go to bed at a reasonable hour, I still lie awake in bed until the wee hours of the morning!

  2. It always seems that there is more for me to accomplish at *my* bedtime than any other time of the day. Just walking to my bedroom I find at least three things that require my immediate attention.

    I would like to see the bunny as well!

  3. as a fellow wife of a night shift husband (6p-6a)…I can TOTALLY relate!!

    I would be tired at 8-9 but really want to see the news, or finish a few more things and then before I knew it it was LATE…12am!

    It is so interesting because last Sunday ds(3) went to bed early (no nap) and ds(5) and I watched a movie together and then at 8pm he asked what I was going to do (just curious) so I said, “ya know…I might just go up and read in bed…” Well that is just what I did and I can hardly believe I have done it EVERY evening since…and been asleep by 9:30. It seems weird going up to bed while the it is light out…but I have been up and awake and ALERT (key word for me) by 5:30-6am…..and have had a QUIET time in the morning!! So that is my motivation…today is day 7 for me…so what 21 more days till I have a habit?

  4. Thank you for posting this link! I have been needing to find some fresh ideas for my middle child who loves to draw and this fits the bill perfectly! Thank you.

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