Drawing bunnies & horses, hedgehogs & trains

Thanks for the encouragement on my goals!  I'll need to contine some serious discipline as follow-up to the 21 days.  These are stubborn patterns to form.  (Tip of the hat to fourjewels who gave excellent advice on not relaxing too soon and falling back into my natural tendancies.)


Several people, inluding Grumpy Dave requested I post the pesky rabit that I drew as the clock approached bedtime. And because he's a likeable curmudgeon (Grumpy Dave, not the bunny), and because the others who asked are so polite to want to see my artistic endevors, I'll oblige.


Perhaps my bunny will make others who do Jan Brett's free online tutorial feel better about their attempts. (Although really, I think you'd all rather see Jan Brett's bunny!)



Of all the enticing lessons on Jan Brett's site, my ambitious daughter chose the horse.   (Although more challenging to draw than the bunny, the horse lesson is fascinating!  As Jan draws and talks, she gives a mini equine lesson as well as great art tips.) 


Kaira blushingly agreed that I could share her work.  (Although she want me to explain that this is an early attempt.  She hopes to do several more in the coming week to practice and impreove.) We are keeping each drawing so that she can see her improvement. 



Calling my fellow bloggers: I posted our drawings, now I'd like to see some of yours!  If you go to the link and draw a bunny, horse, hedgehog, train, lion or one of the other delightful lessons, post your artwork on your blog! If you do, please leave a comment directing me to your blog, so we can see and be inspired!



<a href=”http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/Dell/148851/”><img src=”http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/d/8;8;4/c/16/t/21/u/Days/m/Days+to+a+habit/k/3ef8/exercise.png&#8221; border=0>


3 thoughts on “Drawing bunnies & horses, hedgehogs & trains

  1. Hi Dell – Found your blog from a separate link and wanted to say how delightful it was to see YOU there! I’m looking forward to perusing your pages and seeing how things are going~! Miss the days at HearthKeepers – and it’s good to catch up!

    Love, Pam (Langhaven) http://www.xanga.com/Langhaven

  2. from both you and Miss Kaira!! *applause*

    BTW, my husband came up with a funny parody of the Veggie Tales “Bunny Song” after seeing this post earlier today. Don’t know if you’re familiar with that, but I posted the lyrics over at HK. Enjoy 🙂

    — Julie in Ohio

  3. My girls will love doing this! They have been using “how to draw” books today. We will definitely try this tomorrow!

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