21 Days to a Habit

It is astounding that I can keep the household running on schedule, but can’t seem to discipline myself. Little things like remembering to eat and sleep elude me.


I feed the children like clockwork, but when Ken isn’t here, it almost seems easier to not sit down myself, since it can be pretty busy refilling cups and such… (In truth, I can’t blame the children. Even before children I would get too engrossed in things to take time for trivialities like food.) Sleep is even harder to remember. The more exhausted I am the more likely I am to dawdle and fritter.


SO… I decided that I need to whip myself into shape. “They” (whoever they are) say that 3 weeks form a habit. Yet I knew that 3 weeks with days missed here and there wouldn’t be effective. Three weeks consecutive, without ever missing a day would get descouraging if I had to start over a few times. So, I came up with a plan:


I have to reach 21 days. To count one day I must accomplish ALL THREE goals in the given day. If I miss the mark, I LOOSE three days! (No negative numbers though–that would be too depressing. If I miss enough days to end up back at zero, it just means I’m back to square one.)


A few weeks ago I posted a ticker on a message board I frequent, and my fellow Hearth Keepers have been encouraging me as I try to get this thing from 0 to 21. 





Here are my goals:


1) Get to BED (not with a book, but lights OUT) between 9:00 and 10:30 pm. DH works nights and so I um… forget to sleep all too often.


2) Remember to eat breakfast and lunch. (Ken is usually up for dinner to make sure I eat then.) Honestly, I simply don't take time to eat. I end up munching a bit, but not really eating like I ought. I'm absent minded to the extreme!


3) Do 5-15 minutes of real exercise every day.


They sound common sense enough, but are thigns I've not gotten a handle on–ever.


So far I’ve been doing this 21 days, but have missed bedtime a couple times and had to take a “3 day” penalty. More on that in the next post!


In the meantime, what habits do you need to make or break? And… do you think I can get from 15 to 21 in a weeks time, or will I miss the mark again?


3 thoughts on “21 Days to a Habit

  1. to at least two months if you want a lasting goal. These are difficult habits, though they seem like common sense. I would go for 6 days out of 7 for the next eight weeks. By that time you’ll start to feel enough of a change to motivate permanent habit change. I know I’d need a lot of reinforcement for a year. I am the exact same way about eating – no time to sit down and do such a thing, especially if hubby is away. It’s shocking the things we let slide in ourselves. I might have to join you!

  2. I’m SO horrible about going to bed. And my husband works evenings, so I always end up waiting up for him, or still being awake when he comes in, and then I stay up WAY longer!!! If I could get to bed on time, all of my other goals would fall into place. (Such as reading my Bible/doing devotion in the mornings, WALKING daily, or at least a few times a week!!) All of these things are very important, but my lack of motivation to do them all stems from poor sleep. (Once I’m in bed I’m still awake for some time, and I’m usually up MULITPLE times per night!!) Even when I go to bed at a decent time (??11pm??) I’m still in for a rough wake-up!! But I could do it if I tried!! I’ve been praying about it, I just need to act!!
    Maybe I’ll try the ticker idea!!…..
    (sorry so long!! you asked…..:))

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