This entry brought to you by the letter 'B'

Perhaps due to her eldest sister's fascination with sheep, Keianna spent longer on the letter “A” than I would have anticipated. She was insistent that it should say “Baa(h)” instead of “aa(h)”


Finally she figured it out, and we are onto Mommy “B” and Baby “b”!

She is so proud of her new letter!




Amethyst23 commented on our previous letter post about craft projects and mess, and I sure can relate! Messy crafts drive me bonkers. Therefore, even when we are doing these in winter (As Keianna's older sisters did), we do them on the deck. I fill the letters with glue first, and have a limited amount of whatever medium we are using in a small container so mess is minimized for my sanity's sake. 


The ritual of going OUTSIDE for each “new letter” is fun for them too.  (And it only takes about 5 minutes outside, so even in the snow we don't have to gear up much.)


Keianna is so much fun. A few nights ago at the ” big girls' ” piano recital, I kept having to physically restrain her. After each person played, the teacher would ask who would like to go next. Each time my Keianna started to hop off her chair saying, ” 'Anna turn!”


I told her she could give her own recital at home, and she walked up to the piano, mimicking the children at the recital. With perfect form she introduced herself and her piece, “I 'Anna, an' I play Honeybee.” (Honeybee is a song in the early Suzuki repertoire)


She's definately eager to start piano lessons next year!


2 thoughts on “This entry brought to you by the letter 'B'

  1. about your piano lessons? We were just given a piano and I am so thrilled!!

    I played for a few years, but haven’t tried since highschool. I am very excited to go to my moms and get all my old books. She has EVERYTHING from when I first started at age 5.

    I’m really not sure what I’m going to do now…with the boys…of course they are thrilled to have a piano…so I want to keep that excitement going.

    Do you teach your children yourself?
    What books do you use?
    How long do you have each practice?
    Any other tips / ideas you may always have great ones!


  2. …and impressed with your ability to train even your 2 yo with letters — and to think that she’ll be taking piano lessons at age 3?! That’s super!

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