PrairieFrogs in the Garden

We haven't been only doing academics this spring, tree planting and some gardening provided little fingers get a chance to get dirty!


Last year fall we planted a pear tree for Keianna, intending to plant trees for the other children this spring. When spring came it was obvious that we needed four trees–the pear tree didn't make it. Fall wasn't the best time to plant here, being too close to winter. These spring-planted trees should fare better, having had all summer to become established.


The oldest three children choose fruit trees. Keegan was unable to tell us his tree choice, so in order to help with cross pollination, he has a cherry tree like Kendra. (We shall hope he doesn't try to play “George Washington” when he is old enough to wield an axe!) Kaira and Keianna have apple trees, and Kaira likes to talk to hers, spending long periods of time outside telling it stories.


Last week we planted some sunflower seeds as well, I've not checked on them recently, so after lunch we will go look to see if any have popped up above the soil!







One thought on “PrairieFrogs in the Garden

  1. Hi, I enjoy reading your blog. What a neat idea to plant a tree for each child. We recently got a peach tree for my mom for Mother’s Day, but have yet to plant it. We need to do that soon. 🙂

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