Company Picnic and a Big Baby

This afternoon we enjoyed a picnic with Ken's co-workers. I've never understood why some wives dread company picnics. Certainly many of the people there aren't ones I fully relate to, BUT that makes them no less interesting to visit with and observe for a few hours.


The children enjoyed playing on the equipment with the little people present.  Amazingly some of the other children remembered our girls from last year and had been eagerly asking their parents if we'd be there! 


After the picnic we walked across the pasture where a baby Clydesdale and mother were nuzzling each other. We see a horse every day–just across our fence, but it isn't every day we watch a baby Clydesdale nurse! 


Clydesdales–even the babies–are sturdy looking creatures.  It was beautifully incongruous to watch this little foal with such a massive build, still wobbly kneed and stumbling about in those huge hooves.


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