Babel Babbling

After studying the Tower of Babel in history today, Ken and I left the children dumbfounded at lunch–We suddenly became unable to speak or understand the children’s (or each other’s) languages!


We’d planned it out yesterday: From the time Ken got up (right after our “school time”) until after lunch we would suddenly “forget” English.  


The girls vacillated between amused and frustrated–resorting to pantomime to communicate simple requests.  Ken was quite creative and made up his own Babelspeek, but I was lazy and just used Spanish.


Although amusing for a short time  (since we knew it was a game), it was a relief to get up from the lunch table and understand one another again!


Now Kaira and Kendra are outside building ziggurats with rocks and sticks. 


6 thoughts on “Babel Babbling

  1. What a neat idea…I was just putting together our chapter 2 lesson plan for Weaver and that is the main lesson for those 2 weeks….what a neat idea…. I am embarrassed to say I don’t know a foreign language (either does dh) so we’ll have to come up with something a little different…but what a great idea!!! Do you mind if I share this idea on the Weaver board?

  2. That is an absolutely brilliant object lesson! I am sure that at least the two older kids will remember it for life.
    Grumpy Dave

  3. I really like that idea. I may actually use it for Sunday School or Junior Church!!! Sometimes that’s the best way to get through to a group of kids is to have an awesome object lesson!! Thanks!!

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