I flew the coup yesterday while the littles napped and the oldest two girls were having their “quiet play”/reading time. (Ken was home–he works nights so they were all home sleeping or reading.)

I gloried in book errands! First stop was Barnes and Noble, where I sipped a latte while looking over Newberries. (I did well–only spent $25 including the latte!)

Then on to the library where I loaded up on books about ancient civilizations (to supplement our history reading as we do the Mesopotamians and head into Ancient Egypt, Babylon and such… ) By special request of the eldest two girls, I also emptied the library shelves of all their butterfly books again.

I only checked out one book for me. I’ve been indulging in too much fiction reading lately. I was averaging *gulp* a book a day last week, and  I really need to buckle down on the water treatment course (grumble mutter…mutter…), so… I only checked out Nourishing Traditions. It is so much more than a cookbook, and the author thinks like I do (only she’s better at it). I placed it on my ever expanding Amazon wish list where it shall taunt me until I finally break down and put it in my virtual-cart. Until then, I’ll be hogging the library copy.


4 thoughts on “Bibliorambling

  1. especially ALONE!!!

    we have a “used book store” in town that i could spend many many hours in, especially as the owner is a sweetheart! She even has a “homeschooling” section of great books that many popular curriculums use (and we can talk about that Boarding School series a bit also)

    now behave and go study

  2. “I placed it on my ever expanding Amazon wish list where it shall taunt me until I finally break down and put it in my virtual-cart.”

    I can completely relate! My Amazon wish list is at about 260 items right now…

    ~Jessica (

  3. We headed to Barnes n Noble yesterday too. But you were lucky you got a latte and got to go alone. I love going with my son but it would be nice to go by myself sometimes, too. I did good on my shopping, too. Only purchased $12.00 worth.

  4. I really enjoy your blog page. You have a beautiful family. I have to learn how to do all those fun extra things. I have four children also, ages 7, 5, 3, and 2, two boys, two girls.

    I used to fantasize when I was a teenager, if I could get locked in any location for a week, please let it be some sort of bookstore! How nice to get a way for a little rejuvenating time with the smell of new books!

    Nice to meet you here.

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