School Schedule

Warning: Dull schedule entry follows:


I posted our daily routine last week.  I recently  had to reorganize our school time schedule as well.


Our daily routine doesn't change much month-to-month or year-to-year even, but the school schedule is always morphing to accommodate our young scholars' needs.


Now that Keegan has dropped his nap, I have two tots to juggle during school time.  I've  scheduled more “one-on-one” time for each child BEFORE we do the subjects that the oldest two enjoy together. (Before I staggered things so that the oldest two were working simultaneously, and Keianna would just play at our feet. I've discovered two toddlers don't play as quietly at my feet as one does, so I wanted to shorten the “together” part a bit while keeping the group dynamic. (And allowing SOME time for Keegan and Keianna to practice playing quietly amid school time.)



School Schedule





One On One School

Oral Reading      
Victory Drill Book      
Reading for Comprehension      
  Oral Reading    
    Baby Math Baby Math
    Story Time Story Time

Family School

Bible Bible Bible Bible
Handwriting Handwriting    
Tandem Math Tandem Math    
History History    
First Language Lesson First Language Lessons    
Music Theory Music Theory    
 Coloring Coloring Coloring Coloring
Blue=Mommy Assisted

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