Red Letter Day for Keianna

(Really, more of a PINK letter day!)



Before we begin Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons, I like to teach the alphabet, upper and lower case, with simple letter sounds. The first two so enjoyed making these letters that I plan to continue it with each subsequent child.


Today, Keianna reached a milestone! She began making her “letters”. I print out these openface letters, then fill the outlines with glue. The gluey page is placed on a cookie sheet, and some fun medium is placed in a small container. The little scholar then gets to sprinkle the medium on the paper, creating a unique piece of art. Today, Keianna learned “Mommy A and Baby A…A says aaah”


When dry, her letter will be hung on the wall. She'll add a letter or two a week (each using a different “filler medium”) until she reaches Z! 


(Note to Jessica, we say Keianna's name “key-ah-nah”.  You were very close!  Sometimes we shorten it to 'Anna. (Ah-nah) ) 


4 thoughts on “Red Letter Day for Keianna

  1. Okay…thanks for clarifying on the pronounciation…that’s such a pretty name! It looks/sounds Irish/Gaelic…is it?

    Oh, and thank you for visiting and commenting at my blog…and for adding me to your sidebar! I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog…today I went through the “PrairieFrog Pantry” and copied/pasted many of your recipes, especially your ones using honey as a sweetener…it sounds like you enjoy cooking/baking similarly to the way I do (using un-refined ingredients, unique foods, etc.)!

    Have a glorious day!

    ~Jessica (

  2. Adam would probably like doing that, too. Trouble is, he has a mommy who is, for lack of a better phrase, “mess-o-phobic”. LOL Need to find a way around that.

    — Julie in Ohio

  3. I am looking to do that same idea while teaching 100 easy lessons. Where did you find the open faced full sheet letters? I’ve been looking online but am having a hard time finding them.

    • Hi, GeoLin! I made my own open-face letter templates; If you click on the “File Cabinet” Tab at the top of this blog, then click on “Alphabet Printables” you can download the templates I made–they free. 🙂

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