Creation Narrations

I asked the children to tell about how God created everything. (I call them into the room separately for this, or they tend to parrot one another.)  Both girls gave brief narrations today.  I never know if they will be short and to the point or long and rambly. 


Kaira’s Narration (Age 6):

“In the beginning God made light. On day two, God made two waters, one above and one below. And day three God created land and trees and all the plants. Day four God created the Sun, the moon and the stars. Day five God created fish and birds. Day six God created people and all the other animals. He created them out of nothing. He told it to happen and then it did. But man He created out of the dust of the ground.”


Kendra’s Naration (Age 4):

“In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth, Genesis 1:1. He told it to be light, and there was light. He made the sky and the sun and people. He made people from the ground. Animals he just made–big ones and little ones. He made the Sea. After He made everything He rested, but not because He was tired, but because He worked a lot.”


4 thoughts on “Creation Narrations

  1. I’m impressed with your daughter’s narrations but I am EQUALLY impressed with mom’s recollection of the what the girls shared. God bless you for listening so closely to your children!
    Have a happy evening,
    Cathy :o)

  2. Here’s my secrets for getting the narrations word for word: I either A) have them say them into a tape recorder, or B) have them tell me WHILE I type them. (I type very fast and used to take dictation this way for a doctor I worked for.) Typing them is EASIER for me, but the children do better with the tape recorder, I think. When I type, I am looking at them, not the screen, yet they tend to get distracted and try to watch my typing while they talk, and their thoughts don’t flow as well. This time I was typing while they gave them, but they still did pretty well I think. 🙂

    (And their VERY best narrations are usually without either the typing or the tape recorder, but they like seeing them typed out, and I like having them preserved, so usually I use one methoud or another to make sure they are typed accurately.

  3. These are so sweet! It really looks like you’re on the right track, I’m going to have to check out the timeline program you’re using!

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