On the timeline: Creation!

We have officially begun our lightening tour through time!  Before beginning a four year history rotation through the ages, we are doing an overview of ALL history, beginning at Creation! 


I'd hoped to start a few weeks ago, and indeed for several weeks we've been “setting the stage” as we read from our Genesis-era books on the coffee table.  


Only yesterday did we formally begin our study, placing the first landmark (or should that be timemark) on the timeline.   


The children each colored a full page version of the timeline figure, and they will each be keeping a special notebook of their time travel journey. 


Here's our timeline, and a closeup of  Kaira's coloring of the first “landmark/timemark” on our journey:



(Timeline figure and coloring page are from Homeschool in the Woods History Through The Ages Timeline Figures on CD Rom.) Although the photos are the same size, Kaira's coloring is a regular 81/2×11″ paper, and the timeline is a big poster on the door. 


For each child's history notebook: I was thinking I'd include the colorings, and a few narrations, and a bit of copy work (copy work only for the 6 yr old).  Any other ideas?  (My history scholars are ages 4 and 6.  They are very advanced readers, but their writing/fine motor skills aren't particularly accelerated.)  Suggestions welcome!


5 thoughts on “On the timeline: Creation!

  1. list the books they’ve read and any books I’ve read aloud on a page within their notebook. You could also take pictures of any projects and print them out on regular paper. My girls like to include those things (even if it’s a lego pyramid). We did mapwork during our trip through time, but we weren’t doing a blitz! Perhaps you could have one map at the front of the notebook and put a dot/label on each place you study. My 4 and 6 year olds love knowing where along with what! It looks like your tour will be loads of fun!

  2. i’ll have to check into that timeline…i don’t have the room or the money for the KONOS one…and the SL book i wasn’t happy with…i like that layout

  3. HippieMamaBarbARama:
    Wanted to let you know that the timeline itself is from Geography Matters. It comes laminated or not, I wanted laminated (and it isn’t expensive even laminated.) I think I bought mine from CBD.

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