My Kendra was talking to herself, keeping a running commentary on life as she sees it in her four-year-old-way. 


I overheard her say, “Mostly Mommy eats chocolate, but sometimes she eats something else.”


6 thoughts on “Overheard…

  1. Out of the mouths of babes! They are so cute when they’re little…
    Then they turn 12 and say things like ‘coffee schmoffee… yuck…’ not quite as cute… (he seems to think he’s actually entitled to his own opinion, and he’s not even a teenager yet!)

  2. ROTFLOL I dont think Kendra was talking to herself, I think she was talking to one of my kids! In fact, I am very surprised one of mine hasnt said the exact same thing! LOL

  3. Oh how precious! She sounds like a funny girl…I sometimes eat other things too…but chocolate and steak are a special favorite! Separately of course!


  4. This was so cute – sounds just like something my girls would say about me. Actually, I’m pretty sure they have said that about me…
    Hope you don’t mind that I used your link in the Carnival of Kid Comedy this week. Come have a look!

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