Our Schedule

My sidebar lists each day's focus in “The PrairieFrog Week”.  This schedule (more of a routine really) is helpful to keep us from drifting too much. 



3 thoughts on “Our Schedule

  1. I am really trying to develop more of a schedule. I am not normally a routine type of person…but to get everything done that I need to…I need to do something! I have copied yours and hope to tweak it to my liking in the next few days. I enjoy reading things like this so thank you!


  2. Do all of your children go to bed at 8pm? How old is your oldest? (sorry, I forgot) If they all go to bed at 8pm, will that change as they get older? I’m just curious. I’m doing well to get all three of mine (8, 4 &4) in bed at 9pm and even then, they are up by 7:30.

    I really need to get a schedule in place though. Our days are too full of “free” time.

  3. My eldest is 6. It will likely change as they get older, we’ll adjust when it appears they aren’t needing the sleep, but for now 8 pm works for all of them. (The 4 and 6 yr olds don’t take naps, so that may contribute?) We’ll play it by ear as they grow, but for now, we are pretty consistant on the 8pm-8am thing, and it works well. (In fact the two who usually wake earliest in the mornings are the 1 and 2 yr olds!)

    We create the schedule around what works for our children, If 9pm works for yours, stick with it!

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