Homeschool laws of schedule dynamics

1st Homeschool law of schedule dynamics:

A schedule in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.


2nd Homescool law of schedule dynamics:

A schedule at rest remains at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.


My children do best with a relaxed schedule. It makes a nice frame around which we structure our day. In general, I’m consistent on following it, adjusting it slightly to accommodate small changes in our life, and keeping on an even keel. As life throws us curves, we sometimes we get away from the schedule for a few days, or a week, but resuming our routine is usually natural and easy.


However… every few years we get derailed and I struggle more to get on track. We altered our schedule for the week prior to vacation to allow for packing and preparations. Then we were gone for two weeks, and returned with a nasty recurring stomach bug. Now usually, when sickness hits we continue school, modifying a bit to accommodate, but without coming to a full halt.  Unfortunately this time the “schedule dynamics” laws were against us; the schedule remained “at rest”.


I’m officially derailed and need to get back into the swing. I know that things will actually be easier when our comfortable routine resumes. Still, it is hard to get the “schedule at rest” into motion again. Today I’ll be reviewing our schedule to see whether any minor tweaks need to done, and I’ll post it.


Even “off schedule” as we’ve been this month, I can see the main skeleton of it underneath. It just needs to be fleshed out again.


Give me a shove to get the pendulum in motion!


5 thoughts on “Homeschool laws of schedule dynamics

  1. As I read your post..I said, “I need that outside force to get us GOING”… last night and this morning I re-did our schedule. Making a few changes (adding some responsibility to the boys etc). I have it down to the hour..however this will only be to help us get GOING…then it will be a ‘morning routine’ and an ‘afternoon routine’ etc..not hourly…because then I get to ‘up tight’ about it when things get off track.

    We’ve been off track a lot since last week due to dh having off and we like to just have fun with dad when he is home. I am now very glad we did because he found out this morning a lot of overtime will be coming up for the next 3-4 weeks.

    This is the joy of having some ‘freedom’. I always tell my friend who has NO SCHEDULE (not even sleep or eating :0) atleast when I have a schedule written down when we fall of our schedule it is MUCH easier to get back on with in a day or so…

    Hoping you all enjoy your ‘down time’ and look forward to seeing your new ‘tweaked’ schedule.

    I know sometimes we fall off our schedule because it gets I enjoy tweaking and adding/changing things..keeps life fun and interesting!!

  2. It’s hard to give a shove when I’m “at rest” myself, but now at least I understand what happened around here. You’re very clever with your “law of schedule dynamics” btw.

  3. Nice! I remember learning that law in science last year. What a super connection with schedules! I must remember that. :o)
    We keep our schedules relaxed too after learning the hard way years ago… :o/


  4. We were “off schedule” for months! I’ve resigned myself for 2nd grade. With only one really “doing school” it’s much easier to be able to just work the actual school work in, between the school that isn’t REALLY school. We have worked out our own way of doing things for the rest of 2nd grade. (We follow the traditional school year, for what grade they are in, but school year round.) We had interruptions to our schedule that were HUGE this year, and some of last, so I count it a blessing that we DO homeschool and that the Lord put that on our hearts to do so. The stress would be unbelieveable if we DIDN’T homeschool.
    I’m sure you’ll be right back at it again soon! Praying for you!

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