Concluding our California Vacation

California Vacation Post #4


The final delight of our time in California was visiting with my relatives. Both of my cousins (and their lovely wives) should be candidates for the “host of the century” award. We were in awe of their graciousness and hospitality! Having not seen either cousin in 16 years, and never having met their wives or children, I was unsure what to expect. We immediately felt like family, and discovered we have considerable “common ground”. It is a wonderful treat to have family members you would choose as friends, and I am blessed to have many family members who are in this special category!


Their children, all close in ages to my own, were excellent little hosts and hostesses in their own right, and Kaira and Kendra keep expressing their wish that these wonderful playmates lived closer.


We also were able to see my aunt and uncle. It was fun watching them in a grandparent role!


Tammy had asked what beach we went to, and honestly, I have no idea! I know it was in Carlsbad.. When we got to the hotel, we called my cousin Mark who was most helpful! He told us what route to drive down so that we could stop by the ocean on our way to his place for dinner. We drove a few blocks, parked on the side of the street, and we were at the beach! I’m sure any Californian’s reading are chuckling at us not even knowing what beach it was, but any ocean view is spectacular to land-locked folk from Wyoming!


Because the children travel so well, we are already visualizing future road trips!


4 thoughts on “Concluding our California Vacation

  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time during your vacation. We haven’t been to the ocean in a couple of years, I’m longing to go there again. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!
    Cathy :o)

  2. Glad your children travel so well. I know that’s a blessing … especially since our closest family is a good eight hour drive from here.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such an encouraging comment. I tend to let myself get too upset when talking about school starting/stopping because, like you, we see school and learning as life. And, therefore, it NEVER ends!!!!

    So, how do we convince those who are (or seems to be) skeptical when we don’t “do” school… in other words: 2 math worksheets, 5 phonics worksheets, etc. ???

  3. like a great trip!!!

    We love to travel too…I can’t wait to do more, our children love it too!!

    My grandparents took all their kids cross-country (PA-CA) and they have notes from their trips, some highlights of the places they visited…I hope to borrow them someday (soon). Thanks for sharing!

  4. …but I know that just about anywhere you go up and down the coast you are only a skip away from beautiful beaches!! Glad you had such a great time. I have a lot of family that I never see, and I always wonder what it will be like when we DO see them. 🙂 Of course, we no longer share much common ground either, but usually there is spark all ready there when it’s family!!
    I have pretty good travelers myself, and we have done A LOT of road-tripping. I think they benefit so much from our adventures. Even the little ones. Adventures, that is. Just a few hours away is a whole different world than their own!!

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