Computer Ram

I  have 128 megabytes of RAM, which several applications don’t seem to think is sufficient. A few days ago my wonderful husband ordered something that will increase the RAM and we were discussing it at the table. The children became intently interested in the conversation, and were very curious about the rams we might be getting. 


Even little Keianna chimed in announcing, “‘Anna want more ram!” After dinner the children gave me a “ram” for my computer. I’m not sure that it is helping my system run more efficiently, but it keeps me smiling while I wait for additional computer memory!



(And don't tell the children, but I suspect that the “ram” is actually a big-horn sheep.)


7 thoughts on “Computer Ram

  1. I think I would keep it there on the computer for a VERY long time!
    I also love your vacation pics. Glad to have you back!

  2. I could see Adam doing that in a few years, when our computer will need an upgrade…

    By the way, I noticed your mouse has “Dell” written on it. Nice to have a personalized one, isn’t it? Heehee…

    — Julie in Ohio

  3. Too cute…don’t you just love how literal children can be? Last week, Maggie had a runny nose and dh said “Mag your allergies are killing you, it’s time to go inside”. She came running in the house to me and said “I gonna die, my allergies are killin’ me”.

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