Sea World

California Vacation Post #3



The whales were spectacular!  It is amazing how well trained these animals are!  “The whole earth is full of His glory!”   The children (ok the big kids like me too!) enjoyed Shamu and his whale friends.  The dolphins were favorites as well.



Kendra (above) is my “hands on” girl.  She eagerly held “Rosie” the tarantula at the Butterfly Pavilion last fall, when her older sister demurred.  She particularly enjoyed the tidal pools where she could pet the starfish and inspect sea urchins and such up close!



My friend Adrienne (shown above with Kaira and Kendra) was such fun!  She made the day even more memorable, and was a great help with the small folk too!  Thanks Adrienne for joining us! 



With the help of Adrienne and a carbonated lemonade (a rare treat from my kiddos!) we accomplished something in a few minutes at Sea World that months of practice at home didn't produce!  Keegan learned to sign “please”!  The delay on my camera kept me from filming him while signing, but here he is clapping with glee from the results of his saying “please.”



Soon after mastering this “please sign” we had another classic moment with the youngest two.  Little Keianna was enjoying the lemonade, but was getting full and no longer found it “worth the effort” to ask politely.  Ever the gentleman, Keegan reached over and signed, “please” on Keianna's chest for her! 



I’ve never thought of Clydesdale horses as a sea creature, but the children enjoyed seeing the team hitched up.


It was a grand day!


4 thoughts on “Sea World

  1. It looks like you all had a great time. I can’t wait to go to Sea World!! Disneyland was a great adventure, and a wonderful break, but I LOVE animal adventures!!
    Thanks for all of the pics!! I love pictures!!

  2. How fun! Dell, Dell, Dell… Those are the little known, gargantuan aquatic equinous species. (Giant Sea Horses) he he he!

    Abiding in the Vine!

  3. Looks like you all had a fun day with God’s sea creatures and 4 legged creatures. Your family is precious!!

    JOYfully in Him,

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