The Wedding

California Vacation Post #1


We are home and unpacked. The washer and dryer are humming, and soon we will plunge into our routine. First, a few reflections on our trip starting with the lovely wedding:


It was a beautiful blend of traditional and casual. The elegance was gentle and natural, and the antithesis of stuffy. (In fact, the mere use of the word, “stuffy” in connection to this wedding is likely to make my fellow guests laugh aloud!) The bride was radiant, and the whole wedding party was full of fun.


At a rather solemn moment preceding the vows the pastor brought a shotgun, making it a true shotgun wedding. At the reception the children blew soap bubbles and were given balloon animals. They climbed trees, frolicked romped and even got dirty. The adults likewise enjoyed silliness and fellowship.


Amid all the fun, the significance of the covenant of marriage was clear. Christ centered weddings bring a certain refreshment, and I’m sure many others present were reminded, as I was of the wonderful gift God has given us in marriage!


We “wedding crashers” had a grand time! I was blessed to be able to meet in person many dear friends I’ve known only online. Perhaps we’ve all wondered if individuals present an accurate picture of themselves in message boards or on the web. In meeting these ladies I was impressed at how precisely each person matched the image I had developed through our online contact.


I’ll be back in a bit to post about the second half of our California vacation–Sea World, The ocean, and relatives!


3 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. I often wonder the same thing, as I delve into the online friend world, if people are what they seem. I’m glad you had a wonderful experience. 🙂

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