PrairieFrog Road-Trip

We are driving across the country for a wedding of a dear friend (whom we happen to have never met), and plan to take in Sea World, and visit some relatives (who I have met, but haven't seen in 15 years!) Blogging will on hold briefly, but stay tuned to read about our kick-off to a great PrairieFrog summer!


I've got the house-sitting, dog sitting, motel reservations and such arranged. My printer is panting after running off maps to everything, and the van is packed except for the ice chest. (Which I will do when/if I get myself back out of this chair.)


(Incidently, how did people pack before zip lock bags?  I decided zip-locks are my friends.) 


By nightfall we'll all pile into Clifford the Big Red Van to begin our California Adventure!


10 thoughts on “PrairieFrog Road-Trip

  1. Safe travels to you…

    Enjoy sea world…and just traveling..I LOVE to travel (IN A CAR).

    Oh my I am curious to see what your kick off to summer is…you always have such neat things going on in your home!

  2. One of Shamu’s trainers (and she’s in the shows, too!) is a good friend of mine. We spent the summer together on a missions trip. I keep wishing I could visit her, but it hasn’t worked out, so I haven’t seen her since 1998.

  3. Hi! I am glad I happened across your blog as we live in WY too! Looking forward to reading more of your blog! šŸ™‚

  4. I stumbled upon your blog today for the first time and noticed the lovely dresses your daughters wear. Do you make them yourself? They look so sweet and feminine!

  5. I hope you all had a wonderful, safe trip. Can’t wait to read about it when you get back!

  6. Have a great time! Praying for safe travels…

    I’m with you regarding ziplocs! lol! I use them for everything…
    I hope you enjoy Sea World, I’m sure you will! I’ve never been there, but would love to go someday!
    Well, come back safe and sound,

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