Why a tea cup?

An anonymous commentator asked me where we came up with the tea cup idea

(Carolyn, let me know if i am a good detective–I think it was you.  )


You’ll laugh, as it was quite unplanned. I told Kaira she could get out of bed to show me the tooth, and we'd save it to show to Daddy as well (he was catching a brief nap in preparation for the night shift). Teeth are little and could be easily lost, so a tea cup seemed a nice, safe place for her tooth to spend the night.


After tucking her back in bed, I decided to add a little note to the tea cup. Ken got up and wondered why I hadn’t put in a tea bag as well. She loves tea, and it would make sense to put TEA in a tea cup.


So, a tradition was born!


For a boy, we're thinking that a nice hefty mug with hot chocolate or apple cider mix would work.  (Although tea is fine too if he enjoys it–real men do drink tea–I'll just make sure it is a manly looking tea-cup.) 


Ken and I have known for years that we'd skip the tooth fairy–she just isn't our “cup of tea” so to speak, but we wanted some family tradition to commemorate these milestones.  And although the idea of a “tooth in a tea-cup” wasn't pre-meditated, it suits us nicely–quaint and simple-just like me! 


4 thoughts on “Why a tea cup?

  1. Oops. Posted comment under the other, so here it is again! 🙂
    Here I was waiting for you to let us know how you came up with that, and then I saw you had answered to anonymous. Well, I just HAD to go see what anonymous had said, and lo and behold, it was I!! Totally unintentionally, I forgot to fill in the “from”!!
    But thank you for answering!! I love it. We really are looking for a good idea. We too are not “doing” the tooth fairy. We want them to know we tell them the TRUTH. If we lie in the little things, who’s to say we wouldn’t with the BIG ones. Such as THE Truth.
    Sorry for the Anonymous. hee hee!

  2. And I havnet figured out how to post “unannonymous” on your blog yet! 🙂 I’ll just have to remember to sign all mine! hehe!
    I do love your blog. I sure would like to see your time management skills…….. a new blog maybe??? 🙂

  3. What an adorable tea cup!!!! I have a couple of special tea cups that I keep in our hutch because if they are stored in our regular cupboard, they would surely be broken with time.
    Cathy :o)

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