Tooth in a Tea Cup

As the loose tooth season begins, (our eldest is 6) we begin a new PrairieFrog tradition!

Just after bedtime, Kaira’s much wiggled tooth finally let go.  We let her slip out of bed to put the treasured tooth in a tea cup for the night.

Tomorrow our gap-smiled girl will wake to find a love-note from Mommy and Daddy in her tea cup, along with a tea bag (apple-cinnamon), so she can enjoy the treat of tea with breakfast.


8 thoughts on “Tooth in a Tea Cup

  1. My 6 year old daughter has her first set of loose teeth (there are at least 2 loose right now!) She also loves to have tea.

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tradition!

  2. My eldest is 7 1/2, but didn’t lose teeth until a few months ago. We just didn’t really know what to do. Now she’s losing the second set, the top, and I just wanted something to commemorate it. Good idea. You could substitute other things for that I suppose. I’m going to think on that. She would probably LOVE the tea idea though. So “big girl”-ish. hmmmm.
    Where did that come from? Just a cool idea you had? Any other tooth-losing ideas??
    Have a great week, Dell!!

  3. Makes me want to lose my teeth all over again!! 🙂 That is a great idea…you have so many great ideas…I just love reading your entries.

    Hmmmm how to alter for boys?

    Ds asked about losing teeth the other day and the tooth fairy…I asked “where did you ever hear about the tooth fairy?” His reply “I watched Cailliou one time and he had tooth fairy”….. Gotta love PBS right? NO!!! (So glad that is gone now!!)

  4. Love your ideas. So fun! I never thought about having a different tradition for losing teeth. I just did what my dad and mom always did. Joke about the tooth fairy, but they know it’s me.

  5. Here I was waiting for you to let us know how you came up with that, and then I saw you had answered to anonymous. Well, I just HAD to go see who anonymous was, and lo and behold, it was I!! Totally unintentionally, I forgot to fill in the “from”!!
    But thank you for answering!! I love it. We really are looking for a good idea. We too are not “doing” the tooth fairy. We want them to know we tell them the TRUTH. If we lie in the little things, who’s to say we wouldn’t with the BIG ones. Such as THE Truth.
    Sorry for the Anonymous. hee hee!

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