Dinosaurs on the Coffee Table

On the Coffee Table: The Genesis Era


After our trip to California we will be diving into a brief, chronological overview of world history. In preparation, our coffee table features some early history books to help lay the foundation–beginning at Genesis 1:1.


Some of the books Kaira is reading independently, but many I’ll read aloud, as they are too “heavy” for Kendra to enjoy alone.


Life in the Great Ice Age was especially interesting to me. The dinosaur and global flood books are excellent, but are topics I’ve seen covered quite frequently from a Creation Science perspective. The Ice Age book covers “newer ground”–or at least ground that is newer to me!


Here's a list of the books on our Coffee Table:

Dinosaurs by Design by Dr Duane Gish

Dinosaurs of Eden by Ken Ham

In the Days of Noah by Earl and Bonnie Snellenberger

Life in the Great Ice Age by Michael and Beverly Oard

Adam and his Kin by Ruth Beechick

Genesis: Finding our Roots by Ruth Beechick

The True Story of Noah's Ark by Tom Dooley and Bill Looney


The final one listed, The True Story of Noah's Ark, is a special treat–rich in both illustrations and information!


The Ruth Beechick books I've had for several years, while most of the others are new from the “Easter Frog”.  (We'll take books over marshmallow peeps any day!)



4 thoughts on “Dinosaurs on the Coffee Table

  1. I read Adam and His Kin, along with several dinosaur and great flood picture books, during the summer before we began world history. It must be a good idea! 😉 I also did a geography unit that was similar to what I saw on one of your posts elsewhere to orient ourselves in space and to orient space onto several maps before beginning our study through time and place. I love “basement work.”

  2. Yeah! More books on dinosaurs and creation. We picked out a few dinosaur books at our local library, but, of course, they are all from a non-Christian point of view. I love the variety you found, Dell.

  3. By the way, my two-year old loves the picture at the top of your blog page. Isn’t that funny? I scrolled down and she started yelling, “Again!” Until I scrolled back up to the top of the page to the picture of your girls (?) in the prairie grasses. Then she sighed and smiled in delight. I love it. (Of course, at the moment she is also begging to go outside with her siblings.)

  4. Having just enjoyed an AIG speaker at my church and
    having studied Genesis in our first year of Tapestry of Grace.
    Plus being a Dr. Ruth Beechick fan, I love all of the books you have.
    We read In the Days of Noah and loved it. I just won Adam and His Kin on ebay.
    Do you have Ruth Beechick’s book “Genesis: Finding our Roots”, also a very good read, with great explanations for the children.

    I like the tea cup, neat idea.
    God bless,

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