C’est la vie

If professional portraits are scheduled for Thursday, then on the Tuesday prior a child will sit up rapidly, on a lower bunk of a bunk bed, resulting in a nasty, multi-colored contusion.


Poor Kendra!


7 thoughts on “C’est la vie

  1. Poor Kendra! But I had to admit that I did laugh. Isn’t that always how it goes before professional pictures are taken? Although one of my favorite pics of my two older kids shows the bruises and all. It’s how they really look. I can use it as proof when they are older to show how rough and tumble they were.

  2. Same thing here. Except it’s usually a big scratch on the baby’s face!! Can never keep up with those baby nails!!!

  3. .I thought you were going to say she sat up quickly and…uhhh….tossed her cookies on the bed 😉 lol You can tell it hasn’t been too long since it’s gone through our house. My mind is still in puke mode. Hope her head isn’t too badly hurt!

  4. Hope there’s some kind of home remedy that can reduce the bruising and swelling by tomorrow.

    Let us know how it goes. 🙂

    — Julie in Ohio
    (yes, I have a new blog)

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