The Twelve Days of Easter

On the first day of Easter, my true love gave to me…


We interrupt our usual devotionals to do Resurrection Eggs leading up to Easter. Each day we hide the new egg, as well as all the previous ones.  After the children hunt them, we review the verses pertaining to each symbol, asking the little ones to tell us the details of this important story. Then we read the passage that corresponds to the symbol inside the “new” egg.


Even little Keianna will look at the donkey and say, “”Ride donkey Russalem! Hosanna!” or grasp the the praying hands and say, “Jesus pray garden.” (Keegan just says, “Egg! Egg! and likes the shaking noise they make.  I'm confident that in future years he will glean deeper significance from the object lessons.)


I'll be sharing later about some of our other Resurrection-weekend traditions!





2 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of Easter

  1. How cool! We do the ressurection eggs also. My kids LOVE it. They get to go find eggs, but also get to hear Daddy tell them all about the true meaning behind why we celebrate Easter.


  2. Ressurection Eggs…love em’.

    My boys enjoy telling the story…we review each one and then read the scripture for the new one and discuss. The book is to advanced for them at this point…but we have really enjoyed them this year (and last).

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