Homeschool resource I just can't do without

In Friday's entry, I shared pictures of our school area, and talked about some of the resources we use. I was amused to notice that the photos show an ESSENTIAL homeschool resources that I somehow neglected to mention–my tea cup! 


Several years back I noticed I'd developed this tea-at-schooltime-habit, and  I wondered if I could teach without my teacup!  I did without for a couple days, proving to myself that it was indeed possible, but it felt all wrong.


I'm lost without my cup and saucer.  I remember my mom saying she couldn't think unless she was holding a pencil.  Even to look over my shoulder to help with a math problem, she'd grab a pencil that she had no need of actually using.  Do you an interesting teaching quirk?



3 thoughts on “Homeschool resource I just can't do without

  1. Wow! Your kitchen is so tidy! I love it. My kitchen had become a little cluttered and untidy so last night at 9 p.m. (after all the kids were in bed) I went through and did all the dinner dishes, uncluttered the “hot spots”, moved the kitchen table and chairs and scrubbed the floor. This morning it made me want to sing (how silly is that) because it was so clean.

  2. I’m curious about the start right software you had spoken of in your last post. I’m big on the writing and communication, and I’m wondering what that is that you’re talking about. I’m relatively new to homeschooling, as I just started last year, and had full cirriculum’s up to this point. Now I’m trying to expand my world, and hers, to other things, but am unsure where to go. Jamie’s given me a lot to work with in her suggestions, and I’m looking forward to next year!!! I’ve got sooo many more ideas!! I would like a good writing program!! Let me know when you get a chance… if you want,

  3. that is so cute! i can’t think of any of my quirks that stand out at the moment, but I’m sure my kids could give you a full list of them

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