An awful dinner

It was tasty, and it was loads of fun, but it was awful.

Here’s the background: Ken was heading to Sam’s club yesterday and asked me what else we needed. We often joke around, adding some dream items to the list that we aren’’t really intending to buy. With a wink and a chuckle I said, “Hmm… a Waring Pro Waffle Iron.”

Ken brilliantly asked what I wanted a waffle iron for, and I gave an equally brilliant answer, “Um… to make waffles.” We both laughed.

With Kendra in tow, he went shopping.

I was astounded when they returned home, bringing in the usual boxes of diapers, produce, and other consumables, AND a waffle iron! I’’m one spoiled wife!

As children, Ken and his brothers called waffles, “awfuls”. Of course, as soon as he said this our girls decided that no other name would do, so “awfuls” they are. And, naturally, we had to try it right away, so we had awfuls for dinner! I used a wonderful Sue Gregg blender recipe for the batter, then we piled them high with fruit, whipped cream, and butter! Oh, we enjoyed our new splurge! Awfuls were declared a success!


5 thoughts on “An awful dinner

  1. I have been wanting to buy a toaster for a LONG LONG TIME but I want at least 6 slots..and they are expensive. I would love a waffle iron too but i am not sure we would use it enough to warrant the cost.

  2. What a wonderful husband you have there.
    We have used that waffle iron in different hotels during vacation and have dreamed of buying one ever since. Perhaps we should send DH to Sam’s Club and hope for the best? 🙂

  3. What a blessing. Ü What a fun kitchen tool that will be. We love waffles here… and that is what they are called.

    It was fun reading your blog tonight… THANKS for sharing!

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