Where we "do school"

Gena is running a contest on her blog and wants to see where everyone “does school”, and what resources they use.  (I'd call her nosey, except that I have to confess I always enjoy peeking into other people's school rooms too!) 


So, here's a virtual tour of a morning at PrairieFrogs Academy.  Learning goes on all day, all over the house, but here's the part we call school: 


We begin at the Kitchen table (adjacent to the study) to do Bible, handwriting, and sometimes a few other things.  (You can see little Keianna likes doing whatever big-sisters do!) 


For Bible we often do either The Child's Story Bible by Catherine Vos or Egermeier's Bible Story Book.  Right now though we are going through Leading Little Ones to God


We like the Italic handwriting methoud, using some of the Getty-Dubay workbooks, but mostly doing Startwrite worksheets.  The Startwrite software is great and allows me to have them practice scripture, or poetry they are memorizing, or whatever I choose.  (You select whatever handwriting style you want too, so it works for the HWOT folks, the Palmer crowd, and a bunch of others too.)


  Sometimes at the table we do some logic, using Mighty Mind.


After Table Stuff, we move into the study for the oral part of math, music theory, language arts, history… (In the picture above you see two of my little scholars drilling each other on math facts.)


Math is a combination of Professor B and Singapore. In Language arts (Kaira and Kendra's favorite part!) we are enjoying First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind.


History is a subject we've only recently added, beginning with one year overview using a A Child's History of The World By V.M Hillyer (supplementing and adapting at the beginning and the end where it doesn't quite fit our world-view.)  We will be using Mystery of History next year, as we start on a rotation through the ages.


When we finish oral work, Kaira does copywork, written math, and some computer (typing and spelling) while Kendra practices reading aloud to me.  Then I do a little one-on-one with Kaira again at the table-Victory Drill book, and other stuff.  We conclude with everyone back at the table for coloring time, while I rouse Keegan from his morning nap and assemble lunch!

And above: a parting shot of the study–from the kitchen


5 thoughts on “Where we "do school"

  1. That is so neat! I LOVE getting a peak into other peoples homeschooling! Probably because I’m really nosey. LOL. Your house is beautiful. :o)

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