Why I am studying Water Treatment

Fimsey inquired on yesterday’s blog about the water treatment course so, here goes! I’ll try not to be TOO long and boring, but no promises.

We own a small 16 trailer, mobile home park. For some reason if there are 15 or more residences or 30 + people being served by a waterline, then the property owners must meet certain qualifications to send a sample of the water for testing each month. It makes no sense to us because it is city water, that comes through city pipes to each trailer and then out the faucets.

We get a water sample (go to the spigot and fill a container) and seal it. We mail the sample to an outside lab. The lab does all the testing–all we do is fill a container, yet to appease bureaucratic nincompoops, we have to be licensed and qualified–as though we were managing a water treatment PLANT to collect these samples!

Ironically Ken has a masters in chemical engineering with a focus on water treatment so he didn’’t need to do any course work. They determined that he has enough credit hours in this field to qualify him to fill a jar with tap water–providing he took the test to become certified.

The rules require he have a backup though, and the backup needs to have the equivalent of a college level course in water testing and systems. Basically, in their eyes he’s managing a water treatment facility, and obviously a water treatment facility must have more than one qualified operator!

So, Ken needs a backup, and there aren’’t many people who want to pay to take college courses and qualifying tests to apply for a job that not only doesn’’t pay anything, but requires the worker pay fed-ex and lab fees each month to have samples tested.

So, hi-ho-high-ho, it’s off to school I go– via correspondence course. After fulfilling the course requirements and passing the final exam, I’m cleared to take the test to be licensed as some kind of water treatment underling.

Honestly, the course itself is kinda interesting–especially since it gives me more insight into the stuff Ken studied in grad school. It is the principle of the thing–that we should have to test city water, and pay for the lab work when we can’t/don’t DO anything to the water. And it really seems like overkill that we need to be licensed as water treatment people to put the water in a jar and fed-ex it to a lab. (Something we could easily train the four year old to do–but alas, she could do the procedure, but NOT do the course work to qualify to do the procedure.)

We’ve talked with other trailer park owners in town who said they fought and fought to get this silliness simplified, but to no avail. Ah well, I’m learning water treatment from A to Z (or from Aliphatic to Zeolite!)


5 thoughts on “Why I am studying Water Treatment

  1. How crazy! Maybe you can wrangle a tour of the city’s water treatment plan for your girls when it’s all over? As a former science major/teacher, I always thought that was one of the most interesting field trips to take.

  2. Bureaucracy at its finest, or would that be it’s worst?
    What a bunch of red tape, how silly!
    Oh well, enjoy what you’re learning, it may come in handy someday…

  3. So, if Ken is qualified with a Masters degree, is he a water treatment Master?
    Will you, after qualifying, be a water treatment slave
    Grumpy Dave

  4. Wow! That does seem silly to have to do that for filling a bucket! Well, when your done I guess I could send you a sample of my well water and let you tell what all is in it. It’ll give you a chance to actually use your studies! LOL!! Have fun, it always fun to learn something new.

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