Quick updates

In Potty training news: Keianna has had several accident-free days in a row. Yipee!


On the school front: Kaira passed a challenging “lower row drill” that had been giving her problems all last week.


We are getting ready to start a one year zip through history before beginning a 4 year rotation through the various eras.


Kendra is still loving reading, and both big girls are enjoying First Language Lessons For the Well Trained Mind. They say it is their favorite part of school.


Math is moving along steadily as well, but after our Spring Break in California I’ll be raising the bar a little there.


And for me: I have an exciting week studying for some silly water treatment course I have to take (and the reason WHY I have to take it is sillier than the course itself) and going to dental appointments! 


3 thoughts on “Quick updates

  1. I want to go to California! =) I miss California…especially now. Michigan’s spring is just as unpredictable as the rest of it’s seasons!

  2. I love your children’s names. We have 8 K’s; Kyle, Kirsten, Kody, Kiera, Konner, Keegan, Killian, and Kevin. We are working on potty training too and I keep forgetting what a messy phase it is. YUCK!

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