Baby Goats

Sagerats has adorable goat pictures on her blog, and I must show them to my eldest daughter! She wants sheep. Stinking sheep. GOATS would be sooooo more practical, but she dreams of sheep–not just counting them, but dreaming of them.

She’s reads Storey’s Guide To Raising Sheep over, and over and over again, and has had this fascination for at least a third of her young life! She talks of sheep dip (which she tells me is NOT mint jelly) and the importance of dry lots. She can extol the advantages of one breed over another.

At an age where many children’s knowledge of sheep is limited to Mary had a little Lamb and Baa Baa Black Sheep, this shepherdess-hopeful can tell you all about the importance of tending their hooves.

I keep trying to nudge her toward an interest in goats, as I could visualize raising some goats some day–when she’s a couple years older–when I’m no longer potty training. (Yes, I know…potty training has been coming up in every one of my blog entries this week. The past two days have gone well! There IS light at the end of the tunnel. Whew!)

I think one of the local goat people has baby goats, and it is time for another goat field trip!.


6 thoughts on “Baby Goats

  1. Oh, I knew I liked you! Goats are amazing creatures. What you need to do is go buy Storeys guide to raising dairy goats. One tip, do not keep a buck on the place. They are stinky creatures. Their smell will taint everything.

    I have been told by those that own sheep that sheep are dumb animals. Maybe they just don’t enjoy what it takes to raise them and find them as such, so even if they were raising goats they might feel the same. Still goats are very smart.

    Abiding in the Vine!

  2. Well, being the yankee that I am, I wouldn’t be interested in either goats or sheep! However, if dd is that interested in sheep, c’mon mama, GIVE THE GIRL SHEEP! lol Surely you could find something beneficial about them 🙂 Let us know how the goat field trip goes!

  3. When I was a kid (no pun intended!), we had goats. Originally, my parents bought a nanny and a billy goat. They bought Nanny because we had foster children in our home and two of them were allergic to cow milk. I’m still fond of goats. We had a few pygmies and a couple regular size. Nanny was the only one who was milked, all the rest were just for “fun” and learning purposes. I would still love to have a goat for our children to raise. My landlady did say that she had a billy goat and it was stinky and rude!

  4. I was doing a rare bit of blog hopping and found yours through Chautona’s. I just wanted to tell you that I found it delightful and inspiring!

  5. We want to have land, and have chickens and goats, and maybe a pig. My husband is a pork man!! And I want to have cats. (my husband is allergic, so they HAVE to be outdoor, but we would just HAVE to have a barn, and then….)
    But really, we want to grow our own veggies, and herbs. And have fresh eggs, and maybe milk?? …. ahhh someday. We need to continue to grow our army of those to take care of it as well!!! 🙂 My kids would love it!!!
    But ANYWAYS. We love goats!!!

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