Rainy day delights

It was a wonderfully rainy day. There must be something melancholy in my nature that finds a stormy sky and the rhythm of the raindrops cozy and soothing. Whether a drizzle or a downpour, the Jane Eyre mood of an overcast sky has a deliciously romantic allure.

And –rainy days are perfect for enjoying hot tea and a good book. So, tea and books it was!

While the littles napped I treated the two oldest girls to the coffee shop and the library. (Ken was home with the napping youngsters.) The girls sipped flavored milk steamers, and I my Chai Tea Latte while we discussed things that are important to six year olds, four year olds, and to a mommy who loves them.

After leisurely enjoying muffins and tea at Starbucks, we dashed around small lakes, across the parking lot to Clifford, our Big Red Van.

As a child I was mesmerized by the steady beat of windshield wipers as raindrops tapped against the glass.  Even now, I can get lost listening to the wipersong as I watch the drops hit the windshield.  Driving down puddled streets, we continued to the library, where books on farms, castles, and other delights awaited.

We returned home in time for dinner, but paused a moment before coming inside.  –Crocuses have come up in the garden plot, and we stopped to admire these springtime marvels.


3 thoughts on “Rainy day delights

  1. How nice! I like rainy days too…if I’m not stuck at home. For some reason, being at home all day when it is raining depresses me. :o)

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