Little Queen Esthers–Purim Fun

My girls have long enjoyed incorporating Bible stories into their play.  At one point (I think they’d been playing fishermen, and centurion, and then, quite comically, tax collectors) we decided to spotlight some Godly women of the Bible. We adapted the Jewish holiday of Purim to remember Esther in the spring, and created our own holiday of “Gleaning Day” to focus on the book of Ruth for one day in the fall.

The Jewish Purim was a few weeks ago, I believe–but we had ours just yesterday!

It was a festive day of hamantashen and groggers (we used kazoos!).  We performed a Purim Shpiel (play), and listened to a reading of the full book of Esther. We must be a pretty dull family, for the girls were bursting with excitement for days prior, and will be talking of it for days to come!  It is a joy that simple family togetherness can create such special memories. This has been our third year celebrating Purim–each year slightly different.

I’ve still not perfected my Hamantashen recipe. Hamentashen are little filled cookie triangles–supposedly shaped like Haman’s hat.  (Were tricorn hats were really all the rage in ancient Persia?  I have no idea–but, as is sung in Fiddler on the Roof; “TRADITION, TRADITION!”…) Our Hamentashen turned out slightly dry, but were enjoyed by the children nonetheless.

Here are some pictures of us listening to the Book of Esther:


And of our Purim Shpiel

(Ken Played King Ahasuerus, AND Haman, The three girls were ALL Esthers, and Keegan was Mordecai.):



You may notice I don’t appear in the Purim Shpiel pictures.  I played Vashti and was banished after Act I.


11 thoughts on “Little Queen Esthers–Purim Fun

  1. and fun! It is wonderful how you had the whole family involved in the celebration and learning experience. It is nice to see the delight on your kids’ faces!

    Thanks for praying for my sick kiddos.


  2. All of a Kind Family? We read it a few months ago and found it is our new favorite book! (Understood Betsy has been our favorite for years!). My girls have been playing Purim too, but when they do so they aren’t remembering Esther. They’re having fellowship with Gertie, Ella, Sarah, etc… 🙂

  3. I started homeschooling my two oldest this year and we ready “All of A Kind Family” (my favorite when I was a child) and started celebrating some of the Jewish holidays. I was looking forward to celebrating Purim (Esther is top favorite Bible story for my girls and I) but because things became difficult (sad excuse) we put them into a local charter school.

    I didn’t want to give up the Purim celebration so I asked if I could do a Purim celebration at the school in my daughter’s Kindergarten class. The teacher had no problem with it so I premade the Hamantaschen dough because it’s suppose to sit overnight and then had the kids (four or five at a time) roll out the dough and cut the circles. They also helped put the apricot preserves into the cookies. After we had baked those (in the meantime, the teacher had the non-baking students do their regular school stuff) I past out a dress item to each child from my children’s stash. Then I told them the story of Esther. I guess I “got away with it” in a public school because it’s a Jewish holiday. The kids did a great job listening and afterward we ate the Hamantashen.

    By the way, I found a great recipe on this website: It wasn’t dry at all. It seemed like a lot of orange juice, but it tasted good and the dough kept well in the refrigerator for a week. My son particularly loved these cookies.

    Also, I am planning on taking my kids out of public school within the next couple of weeks. We’re praying about the timing at the moment.

  4. That looked like a lot of fun! Your family is so great! To be acting out stories from the Bible is such a blessing! My boys love to play David slaying Goliath. All things manly!

    Abiding in the Vine!

  5. One word — DELIGHTFUL!
    You guys are like the ideal HS family — mom and dad interacting with the kids in spiritual edification and education. WOW! You are creating such wonderful memories for your kiddos.

  6. These pics are so awesome!!!

    Would you please stop over to Adventure Acadamy’s blog and encourage her to stay at HSB? She has experienced two deaths recently in their family and is discouraged. Let’s join together and lift her and her family before the throne of God.

    In Him,

  7. I am sending out a “mass apology” to everyone I told about “The Clean Heart, Clean Home Challenge”. I have received some comments in regard to leaving the button on people’s blogs and I feel the best way to make sure there aren’t others who are offended, is to apologize to those I sent the notice to.

    I feel just horrible that some thought I was “advertising” in some way when my intention was to share with other homeschoolers what I was offering as encouragement and a way for us to join together.

    If you are one who was upset by my post, please feel free to delete it and email me or leave a comment on my page and I will personally apologize. To those who have joined in The Challenge, I’m so looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us and hope we will all be able to bless our families and grow in the Lord through it! Thank you most importantly for seeing my heart. I never meant to disregard anyone’s post when I left the comment about the Challenge, and want you all to know that anything you ever have to say to me, whether on topic or not, is more than welcome on my blog. I will also be making a new category on my blog that will list those of you who don’t mind getting urgent prayer requests or information from time to time. I hope this way I will be able to avoid upsetting anyone similarly in the future.

    Thanks for allowing me to comment on your blog. I hope you will accept my apology (and not be upset that I’m “off topic” from your post, but I have many people to get to still tonight).

    In Him,
    Amy Verlennich

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