Kendra in bloom

We pretty much let the children work at whatever grade level fits in each specific subject, so grade levels are a blur to us, and really quite irrelevant to our lives. Still, we do explain public school grade levels to the children who are sometimes asked, “What grade are you in.” We told Kaira she could answer “First grade” and Kendra she could answer “Kindergarten”.

Anyway, today Kaira was talking about being in first grade here at PrairieFrogs Academy, and Kendra said, “And I’m in Kendra Garden!”


6 thoughts on “Kendra in bloom

  1. That’s what I’m sayin’. Your girls are amazing!
    Grade levels only start to become “important” in highschool–and then only ’cause everyone’s asking, “So, when do you graduate?” (You never *really* graduate from learning, do you?)

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