Truth in Fiction

My Kaira showed a good grasp of truth in fiction, and I smiled to hear her trying to explain a concept that eludes many adults.


Speaking slowly, obviously trying to find words to wrap around her thoughs, she said, “Some stories that aren't true have things we can learn from.”  After a brief pause she continued, “The… ideas are true.  The what is true just not the how.”


I thought it was a good attempt at explaining truth in art.


2 thoughts on “Truth in Fiction

  1. …good explanation.
    Changing the subject drastically (I’m good at that!) I have to ask about your family picture at the bottom of your posts/main section. What are the kids looking at to the right (my right) of the camera? Even the baby seems to be captivated by whatever it is and smiling.
    Just wondering 😉
    BTW…I’m Sheryl from TakingtheChallenge…still can’t log-in with the HSB upgrade taking place

  2. Wow, aren’t kids just full of great thoughts and ideas? You obviously have some exceptional children, Dell! 🙂

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