Life in a glass jar

Some weeks develop around a theme.  This week’s focus is glass jars: Modern jars, vintage jars, and big, elusive jars.

My latest favorite kitchen gadget, quart jars, –are in use on the counter. Not only do I have sprouts in various stages, but with fresh goat milk available again, I’’ve have a starter batch of Kefir in a quart jar near the sprouts.

Adding to the jar theme, my mother brought up some more antique glass jars this weekend. Yesterday I organized my dry goods to make ornamental and functional use of them. These jars, with their bailing wires and glass lids, are reminders of the past, as they came to me from my grandmother’s estate. It was satisfying to free up my pantry while displaying vintage jars filled with colorful grains and pastas atop the kitchen cabinets.

And, further contributing to glass jar irony, I spent part of the morning trying to locate economical gallon jars. Local goat breeders are desperate for them, as are those of us who buy and enjoy the fresh milk! In previous years they were available through our co-op, but have been discontinued. Shipping adds up fast when ordering them online, but I’m still searching.

Even Keegan is fascinated with glass jars.


3 thoughts on “Life in a glass jar

  1. Dell, I have a couple of those antique canning jars from my Grandma, too. One holds seashells; the other is hiding on a shelf in the garage, just trying not to get broken. It sounds like you’re making great use of yours! If you ever come to Grand Junction, I’ll give you the gallon jar I used to get goat milk in. But since there’s only one, don’t come just for that. 🙂

  2. Neat!

    Keegan is so cute and getting so big!!!!

    I really hope you all get to go to the wedding!Edited by Kristy on Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 7:37 AM

  3. I love glass jars myself. How do you grow sprouts in them? Probaly simple enough, but I don’t know. I bought a special tray/garden thing for alfalpha sprouts, it works fine, but I’d like to do bean sprouts as well.

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