Grand Grandparents

My parents came up for the weekend and we fed them some of the famous purple rice. (Thanks to mominpa for helping me solve the purple rice mystery. From the comments here and the links provided on other forums, I think it is Black Thai rice.) We decided that it puts all of its originality into color, as the flavor is bland, and the consistency gelatinous. My children are so entranced with the color though, I may put a small amount in with our other rice from time to time.

Back to my parents visit: although the visit was brief, it was a delight. The children read to the grandparents, the grandparents read to the children, we visited and laughed… and it was a lovely, cozy, family time. It was fun hearing about all the projects my parents are doing, and all the reasons they aren’t doing the projects they wish they were. (Doesn’t that sound like the story of ALL our lives?)

The grandchildren enjoyed the extra attention. Keegan got to sit on Grandpa’s lap through church this morning. That little boy of mine is a hair puller! The scheming little rascal sat with Grandma and Grandpa one row behind the rest of the family. He’d thrust himself forward on Grandpa’s lap, then grab hold of the chair in front of him, pulling himself forward until he could snatch a fist full of big-sister-Kaira’s long hair. Then, with a big laugh, and a mischievous gleam in his eye, he’d yank! Kaira was very tolerant, and adores Keegan, but the the ornery little cutie does it to Mommy too.

Last night he pulled himself up to standing alongside my chair. Before I realized he had my hair, he gave a victorious tug! It reminds me of the braid-in-the-ink-well stories I’ve heard. What is it with boys and pulling hair? I’m going to need to get him trained out of this habit pronto.

After church today my parents took us out to Red Lobster. Likely they were just dreading having to eat sprouts, millet, purple rice or some other odd food yet again and figured a restaurant was a wise investment.

Seriously, they took us out to eat just to be generous! What fantastic parents/grandparents.

Well, I’ve got the week’s lessons to map out, and the sun is setting on another Sunday.


3 thoughts on “Grand Grandparents

  1. Oh dear! All my kids have been hair pullers, girls and boys alike. They’ve all also been bald (or nearly so) for their first three years, so I think they’re just fascinated with HAIR. It’s definitely a good habit to break, though! We’re still working on our 15 month old. She does love a good handful of hair…winds it around her fingers and YANK!

  2. I’m glad the visit went so well! It’s Monday morning here and I STILL haven’t got my lesson plans done. And what am I doing? I think I have become a blog addict. :o)

  3. You just described our menu, millet and rice, etc. I have had our parents look a little weird at our food. They don’t know what to think about vegtable sandwiches or kale and potato soup (he,he). I like your parents choice of restaurants, yum!!

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