Deep Purple

Ken tells me it is the name of a rock band. Be that as it may, it describes last nights dinner. Deep Purple hadn't been on my menu. I've made turkey with wild rice dozes of times and it has never been purple. It never occurred to me that it could be purple.


The sauce (turkey strips and turkey gravy) was on the stove in the sauce pan. I prepared the wild rice as usual, although I did decide to try the wild rice from our local oriental market.


We enjoy wild rice, but it can be a little pricey, so when I saw it at 5 pounds for a dollar my local oriental market, I snatched some up! Wary because of the low price, I kept it separate from my other wild rice until I used it the first time. It looked like my other rice, but I figured maybe there was a flavor or quality difference. The ingredients said only “sweet wild rice”. Nothing else. Simple enough.


I cook rice by adding water, rice, broth and a few garlic cloves to a tight lidded pan, then cooking it in the oven for an hour. I don't peak while it is cooking, but then I don't usually expect it to be doing much of interest. I definitely don't expect it to turn purple.


So, I take the pan out of the oven, lift the lid, and…



I closed my eyes and tasted the rice. (I wasn't about to add gravy and turkey if the rice tasted like beets!) It tasted normal enough, so I dumped in the rest of dinner. Even with the turkey and gravy it was still deep purple. (In fact the addition of the gravy muddied the purple and made it look even worse.) I garnished with a sprig of parsley, optimistic that it would somehow add aesthetic balance. If anything it clashed.  


I found the unusual color disconcerting, but the children devoured the stuff. Keianna kept asking “Happy more purple?” (The children inquire, “May I please have…” but two-year-old Keianna's shortens hers to, “HavePlease” which comes out soundling like “Happy”.) Kaira and Kendra had seconds and then thirds. We filled little Keegan's bowl several times. I usually make enough for leftovers, but we ended up dividing the last spoonful between four eager children.


So, is there a variety of wild rice that is supposed to turn purple? 


5 thoughts on “Deep Purple

  1. What an adventure! I hope you get to the bottom of the purple-coloring lest your children turn into little eggplants. 😉

  2. Well, I guess your photo answers the question! There must be because you fed it to your family! Glad they liked it! 🙂

    Way to go with the bargain hunting grocery shopping!

  3. because I just had to find out this is what I read:

    “Thai black rice (Japonica): It has been grown in Thailand for centuries, but it is among the newer varieties coming into vogue in the Western world. Unlike most long grain varieties, the black rice is quite sticky and shiny; and in Thailand, it is used mainly in making desserts. Another unusual aspect of this variety is that its dark colour leaches into the cooking water, turning it purple and staining everything cooked with it.”

    Here is the link

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