Farewell to Jeeves

Technology is not wrong. Our Creator made us in his image. As creatures of the Creator, we create, we invent, and we learn about the world He made.


Certainly we must guard our outlook lest our technology give way to a Babel mentality–strving to be one with God–but technology is a natural outgrowth of our God given desire to learn and grow.  It is the motives and application of technology we must guard against–not technology itself.


Yes, the inventions we come up with can make us lazy, or even be used for evil. If we become too dependant on it, then the fault is within ourselves, not an evil inherent in the technology. We cannot blame our laziness on modern conviences. Neither can we blame our violence, greed, lust, or any other ills on televisions, computers, and automated processes. Technology may make it easier to fall into those traps, but it can also make it easier to do God's work. Technology is a tool.


That said, change can bring stress, and change such as the past century has experienced has a huge effect on society. Even the past decade, has brought astounding changes–such as the internet. 


With that in mind, I find the recent retirement of the AskJeeves.com butler to be, in many ways, symbolic of our changing times.  Mostly I use other search engines (google, etc) for serious queries. Still, for the past decade, I'd occasionally enjoy the novelty of asking Jeeves a few questions. Often he'd have an angle the other engines didn't, and if nothing else, his manners and British humor gave me a chuckle.  Jeeves added a little individuality to web searches.


Recently I noticed Jeeves was wearing Bermuda shorts and lounging on the beach, but I just assumed he was tired of winter and looking forward to the summer holidays. I was surprised last week to find that Jeeves was absent altogether!  AskJeeves.com had become ask.com. I wrote the following email to the staff at ask.com:

I just wanted to weigh in and let you know I was so disappointed to come
to the site and find that JEEVES wasn't here! Jeeves has such charm, and
he was the only reason I use this search engine instead of Google or
others. I liked the fact that askjeeves.com has personality. Now it is
just ask.com, and has lost it's niche, in my opinion.

At any rate, please give Jeeves my regards. I shall miss him as I return
to other search engines that are perhaps more efficient, but far less



They responded quite graciously, but it sounds to me like poor Jeeves was really forced into retirement–phased out by changing technology.  It's an outsourced downsized world.

We appreciate your interest in the site and your comments have been forwarded to the appropriate department.

After ten years of dutifully serving a growing population of Internet users, Jeeves decided to step down as the face of AskJeeves.com, and retire in style. Jeeves symbolized a traditional, at-your-service butler which made people feel comfortable and at home with asking any type of question.

As the web became more of a real-time utility for people, Jeeves' job dramatically changed. Users came to Ask Jeeves for more sophisticated searches. Searches that were informational, navigational, and ultimately, transactional. Ask.com users wanted a search engine to help them search, get and do whatever they needed — at a moment's notice.

This drove us to focus on improving our robust search engine technology and give users the Web's most useful set of tools, and gave Jeeves the opportunity to relax. Today, as Ask.com we are singularly focused on helping users find what they need through the complicated, exciting, ever-changing web. No matter what the search, Ask.com is committed to meeting the search challenge.

Farewell to Jeeves; phased out by changing technology.  He's a pretty savvy butler though–I'm guessing that he'll find a way to stay industrious and prosper alongside new IT developments–that is if he tires of the beach.


Jeeves in retirement



One thought on “Farewell to Jeeves

  1. Dell,
    You are so precious. This post just made me remember simpler things. I sometimes miss the basics. So I along with you bid Jeeves a farewell and bon voyage as he retires!
    God Bless
    Woment at the Well sister

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