Unpredictable March

Yesterday the wind was lionish as ever, but it was otherwise a mild day with temperatures above 60 degrees, blue sky, sunshine and chirping birds.  Today we awoke to a heavy and wet snow! 


Cold and blustery, it is an excellent day for a pot of ham & bean soup.  (Which is simmering on the stove for dinner.)  Although we did venture out for piano lessons, we decided to skip the store and the library which were originally planned for our weekly errand day. 


I've been watching the jackrabbits who are especially active today.  Perhaps the snow caught them by surprise too. 


I'm such a homebody.  I don't mind going out once a week for errands, but I'd rather be here, at home, snug in my den.  The jack rabbits are crazy for leaving their hollows.  (Even if I do enjoy watching them hop about in the snow.)


2 thoughts on “Unpredictable March

  1. You are so right about snow and bean soup! I love that kind of food when it’s cold. I recently made a pot of chili in the crockpot. I thought that with the coming of spring, it might be the last batch before fall. Then again, I do love chili. I made homemade bread today too! And within the week I’ve made lemonbars and cookies! What’s into me? Spring is coming! And it’s energizing! Glad you can enjoy the snow. Rabbits sound nice!

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