Of books and chocolate

My eldest and I went to used book sale for our local homeschool group today.  We brought home some good finds, including a few GA Henty’s, some other living history, nature-study books, and a few great classics.


After the book-sale we stopped by Walmart for a new coffee pot carafe, and ended up with a whole new coffee maker. (Why is the carafe alone $10, when the entire coffee maker is only $17–and the styles are just enough different that a new carafe won’t quite fit with my old maker?) Ah well, I’ll just consider the price of the coffee maker stupidity tax for peope who put the plastic carafe lid down on the hot plate/burner. *sigh*


The wind is only moderate, and the sun is shining. Ken pushed the little ones on the swings, and we got to taste spring! Kaira and Kendra chose to come inside while the little ones nap though–both were eager to dive into the new books!


We baked up a batch of Ken’s truffle brownies to take to dinner at his dad’s this evening. MMM! Saturdays have been deliciously chocolate-y recently!


Family, books, chocolate, and swinging weather–ingredients for a lovely Saturday.


5 thoughts on “Of books and chocolate

  1. Thanks for the compliment on my porch, Dell! Your have a beautiful family – you must be having so much fun with those little ones! Love ~ Patricia

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